The Hollywood icon, 57, has previously revealed her 20-year-old son Tom is a huge fan of the World of Warcraft video game franchise the film is based on, and instead of simply taking him along to the special screening in Los Angeles, she indulged in a little cosplay with her boy by donning costumes and full green face make-up to walk the red carpet.

Photos from the premiere show Jamie and Tom happily posing for the cameras in their capes, holding sceptres and wearing elaborate headpieces.

"We're serious about our games," she told Entertainment Tonight. "My son Tom is a player and I'm a supporter. I think that what Blizzard (Entertainment, game developer) has done has changed the universe."

And she credits Tom with introducing her to the fantasy world she would otherwise have been oblivious to.

"The astonishing thing about being a parent is that your children bring things to you that you would never, ever, ever, ever know," she explained. "And you hope that you bring a few things to them that are interesting."

The Warcraft film chronicles the battle between humans and orc warriors, who invade Azeroth to escape extinction from their own dying world, Draenor.

This isn't the first time Jamie has dressed up with her son - she and her director husband Christopher Guest attended the annual Evolution Championship Series (EVO) last year (15) in full costume as part of their graduation gift to Thomas.

Curtis and her family went unrecognised at the world's largest fighting-game tournament, and the actress only revealed her costume on following the event. It came complete with a white mask, body suit and metal claws.

Meanwhile, Guest dressed as Tekken character Dr. Bosconovitch, and the pair's son wore a Rastafarian-themed jumpsuit and boxing gloves to portray Street Fighter character Dee Jay.