Jamie King has ''never'' felt so ''passionate'' about a movie than she has with 'Bitch'.

The 38-year-old actress portrays Beth in the drama thriller, which Marianna Palka directed and also starred in, has admitted she is proud to be a part of the production and she has never felt so positive with a project than she did with this because it addresses a lot of important subject matters.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the 'White Chicks' beauty said: ''Never in my life have I ever been this passionate about a film. And that I am seeing it going into every outlet across America. This film has so much to say about humanity and feminism and pro-family and being like a medicine of saying 'What is the price of loving? What is the price of freedom?' But the freedom of living according to your truth.

''Particularly my character Beth coming in with every inch of her life to save her sister and this relentless need to protect all females, which has been snuffed out.''

And the 36-year-old creator has revealed she is surprised by the response to the movie, but she has found it ''rewarding'' people have opened up to her about their thoughts on her work, and she has admitted parents have come up to her ''crying'' and vowed to change how they act after watching the film.

Marianna said: ''People responded it so openly. As a filmmaker it is so rewarding to have people literally come up to you like men in suits come up to me crying saying they will be a better dad and saying 'I didn't realise I know the names of my kids schools'.

''It feels very real. ''

And Marianna believes the entire cast and creative team ''gave [their] all'' into the film, which she welcomed because she believes actors are paid to be ''wild''.

She said: ''We gave it our all and we risked everything to make this movie. You are not watching just any movie but us at our best.

''It's so wonderful that in film, and theatre and in music. We are actually able to be wild, that's what we are getting paid to do. We get to be wild. It's such a unique experience.

''As adults we are pushed into corners and told to behave.''