British rocker Jamie Hince has blamed John Galliano's infamous rants in February (11) on the designer's alleged "problem with alcohol".
The famed couturier is said to have hurled anti-Semitic abuse at two strangers during a night out in Paris, France and was also caught on video talking about his "love" for Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.
As a result, he was fired by his bosses at Christian Dior and is now facing legal action, but his lawyer blamed the outbursts on a bad reaction to a cocktail of "alcohol mixed with medications".
Hince, whose fiancee Kate Moss is a friend of the designer, admits he was upset to read about Galliano's "self-destructive" behaviour - and has appealed to the star's critics to "dig a bit deeper" and consider his personal issues.
He tells Britain's The Sunday Times Magazine, "I haven't seen the video and I don't even know John that well, but I feel like people have got to see reason here. John has a problem with alcohol and the reality is that when we're in trouble, and that's all of us, we say things that are self-destructive; we say the most violent, cursed things.
"You can judge them on the stupid words they said - which I think were stupid, I hope that goes without saying - or you can dig a bit deeper and you can try to find out what the problem is. And I think it's obvious that it's alcohol... people are trying to say those are his politics, 'I love Hitler' - that's not political, that's somebody in trouble!"