Jamie Hince feels uncomfortable at fashion shows.

The Kills rocker often attends catwalk presentations with his supermodel wife Kate Moss and was recently spotted at Stella Mccartney and James Small's shows during London Fashion Week but Jamie admitted he sometimes finds it awkward.

He said: ''Sometimes I feel like: 'What am I doing here? What am I doing sitting on The Front row of a Stella McCartney show?' She is my friend, and her dad was in the Beatles. You can tell I'm a bit awkward about it. I feel a bit uncomfortable about where the whole fashion and music thing came from, really.''

However, Jamie understands there is a link between fashion and music and says his tastes were often inspired by album artwork.

Stella isn't Jamie's only fashionable friend though, he revealed he has become close to Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs

He said: ''I think that's why fashion is in my psyche, although obviously Fashion Week is a far cry from that. We were at New York Fashion Week because we happened to be in New York and we were invited to play at a Marc Jacobs party. A party's a party, isn't it? And I like Marc Jacobs. He came to my wedding.''