Comedian Jamie Foxx enjoys entertaining revellers so much, Bad Boys II beauty Gabrielle Union partied at his house at least four times before she even met him.

The sexy actress, who stars alongside Foxx in the upcoming movie BREAKIN' ALL THE RULES, admits she was already familiar with the funnyman's California home before she had a chance to have a conversation with him.

She says, "I probably went to four-five of Jamie's parties before I actually met him - at his house. He was there, there were just so many people.

"Jamie's that guy at the club who's like, 'Let's keep the party going! My house!' He orders food and you just, like, hang out.

"The first time I went it was like, Jamie, Bobby Brown and Mark Curry singing gospel at 4am! It was good stuff."

14/05/2004 09:00