LATEST: Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg are among the supporters of former gang leader STANLEY 'TOOKIE' WILLIAMS planning their next move, after California's Supreme Court refused to halt his execution.

The block now means that only California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZNEGGER or a US federal court can intervene to stop Williams from receiving a lethal injection on 13 December (05).

Yesterday (30NOV05), Snoop Dogg and Foxx, who portrayed the controversial figure in the 2004 movie REDEMPTION: THE STAN TOOKIE WILLIAMS STORY, staged a special rally in Los Angeles in a bid to highlight the situation.

Williams, 51, who founded the notorious Crips gang, murdered four people in Los Angeles in 1979.

But supporters - also including BIANCA JAGGER - believe Williams' subsequent Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his work to prevent young people from forming gangs should exonerate him of previous offenses.