Jamie Foxx almost gave up on showbusiness to join the army, until a recruitment officer insisted he was too talented.

The Academy Award winner was all set for a military career when an officer spotted him performing in a piano bar in Texas, and insisted he rethink his plans.

The RAY star recalls, "I took the test. I happened to be playing the piano nearby, and this guy, a recruiter, walked in. He listened and said, 'Don't sign up'. I asked why and he said, 'The minute you sign up, we own you, and there's no getting out'.

"He was cool. I can't remember his name, but he tore up my enlistment papers."

Foxx feels sure his decision not to sign up was the army's loss because he would have made a good soldier.

He adds, "I could have done it. I had the work ethic... I'm sure if I had gotten into it, I would have been a staff sergeant, master sergeant, whatever."

But Foxx insists he'd be no good if his army duty called for war service.

He explains, "I don't like war at all. War is stupid to me. The world is so big, it seems like everybody should be able to get along."