The Oscar-winning Blame It singer refuses to name names, but reveals he once dated a celebrity, who was more interested in attending red carpet events than looking after her man - and now she's the subject of a new tune all about the women you meet in Tinseltown.

He says, "This is what you learn about Hollywood - sometimes the person that you are dating is really not all that into you; it's maybe, like, a step-up to whatever's next. I found this out in a weird way.

"I was supposed to go to a premiere and I got, like, a 104 temperature, so I'm laying in the bed and the girl I was dating at the time goes, 'What are we doing... It's the premiere!' I said, 'I'm sick, can't you see I'm sick?'

"(She says), 'Well I've got this dress... and people are there, they're gonna be on the red carpet for me...' So I get up, go to the closet, grab the dress and I say, 'Go ahead, but don't come back!'

"That was something that tripped me out... I understood and then I seen her (sic) her float on to somebody else in Hollywood... The song brilliantly tells that story."