'Django Unchained' star Jamie Foxx talks about his awe of co-star Leonardo Dicaprio and his thoughts on the film's slavery theme at Comic-Con.
Regarding what might get people talking about the Quentin Tarantino western, Foxx reveals to Access Hollywood: "The courageousness of the script, the courageousness of Quentin Tarantino to tell the story and the first western to acknowledge slavery". He adds that the movie is the most accurate representation of the subject of slavery in the film industry and explains that the movie is more about Django's quest to free his wife rather than having the rather unrealistic goal of ending slavery altogether. "[Django] does all of this to have his woman - he's not trying to cure or stop slavery - he just wants to love his woman".
On the subject of co-star DiCaprio who plays an unhinged plantation owner with Django's wife held there as a slave, Foxx expresses his utmost respect for the 'Titanic' star. "Leo really came to play, man", he said. "He came in with his lunch pail and just. really got down and pushed the envelope of the movie to where you couldn't sleep because you wanted to get on set and be on your toes, because he was really bringing it!" 'Django Unchained' will also star Samuel L Jackson ('Pulp Fiction') and hits theaters on Christmas Day this year (2012).