Jamie Foxx is ''so proud'' of his children.

The 49-year-old actor supported his 23-year-old daughter Corrine when she graced the runway for Sherri Hill during New York Fashion Week, and although the star is aware the fashion industry can be ''crazy'', he thinks it marked a ''great moment'' for his ''incredible'' child, and is happy Corinne and Anelise, eight, turned out ''okay''.

The 'Django Unchained' gushed about his brood to PEOPLE, he said: ''In this business, sometimes it can get crazy, but my daughter, she's just incredible -- 23 years old [and] graduated from college. It was just a great moment.

''It's amazing to see our kids grow up. We're so proud of them.

''They ended up being okay.''

The American hunk has also revealed his youngest child has a secret talent, as she can already drive one of his ''little'' electric boats, which can carry approximately 15 people, although he has claimed people can swim faster than the motor vehicle.

He explained: ''I got a great house in Westlake. There's this little electric boats, and we can pile about 15 people in these boats. You can literally swim faster the boat. I let my daughter drive ... the little one. She's eight, and she's been driving since she's like four.''

Meanwhile, Jamie - whose real name is Eric Marlon Bishop - has tried to build bridges with his estranged father, and decided to take his parent to a Jay Z concert to bond, although he likes to keep the '99 Problems' rapper on a ''certain level''.

Jamie - who was looked after by his grandparents as a child - explained: ''I took my father to see Jay Z, not too long after 9/11 ... this was our first moment of bonding, and I was like, 'I'm going to take you see somebody, Pops.' And we watched that guy and we had a great moment.

''I like to keep that mystique of him [Jay Z]. I don't ever want to be too close. I keep JAY-Z on a certain level.''