Jamie Foxx was the perfect choice to play Spider-Man's arch-foe in the superhero's new movie because he really hates the eight-legged insects.

The Oscar winner was turned off creepy crawlies as he watched his favourite childhood show The Land of the Giants, and even today he is "petrified" of arachnids and would rather stomp on one than save it.

Foxx, who plays Max Dillon/Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, says, "I am petrified of spiders... There was a television show called The Land of the Giants when I was growing up... and it was where these people had landed on a planet of giant people... and in one of the episodes he's (character) running through a drainage pipe... and he runs into a spiderweb and then all of a sudden the music changed and this spider just starts coming at it.

"Now, if a spiderweb hits me I will take off all of my clothes... It's the worst... I get in my car and run over them if I have to."