Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has Michael Jackson and President George W Bush to thank for the fact stolen nude photographs of him having sex never surfaced last year (04) - because they kept the saucy shots off the front pages.

Foxx admits he wasn't concerned when news of the 12-year-old stolen shots surfaced, because he thought he looked good in the pictures - and if they did appear in magazines and on news shows, he could use the scandal in his comedy routines.

He also knew that bigger news stories - like Jackson's child molestation scandal and the war in Iraq - were far more interesting than shots of his genitals. He says, "I would literally have to commit murder while having sex with someone and get it on videotape. Then, hopefully, it would be the lead story.

"When the call came in about these pictures, everybody around me was nervous. I was on the phone saying, 'Guys, are you watching TV right now? Michael Jackson is going into the courtroom in pyjamas. We're going to be cool.'

"I said, 'I'm not with any farm animals, I'm not with any guys, and I'm in shape... I knew I'd be OK.'"

Sly Foxx admits he also considered that the man with the stolen pictures would struggle to sell them - because they were too explicit.

He adds, "They were nudes, so they couldn't be shown in many places... I mean, these were pictures of my penis. Where are you gonna show them? If you blur that out it doesn't have the same effect."