Jamie Foxx is being sued for allegedly stealing a country singer's heavenly song and making it his own. Singer/songwriter MICHAEL A JOHNSON claims Foxx's ballad HEAVEN, which the Oscar winner sang on the OPRAH show earlier this year (06), is a reworking of his copyrighted tune ONE OF GOD'S ANGELS WENT AWOL. In his handwritten court papers, filed in Detroit, Michigan, Johnson claims he copyrighted the tune before sending it round to record companies, including Foxx's J Records. The country and western songwriter accuses Foxx of taking his song, changing the lyrics and title and re-recording it as his own ballad. Johnson fumes, "I feel abused and outraged to think that someone of Jamie Foxx's stature would stoop to steal my song. "I saw him singing my song on Oprah and I felt so cheated." And the songwriter is so convinced he'll win his court battle with Foxx, he hasn't even hired an attorney. He adds, "I'm suing him on my own. I don't need an attorney. As soon as the court hears my song, which I copyrighted, they'll rule in my favour." Johnson is asking for $15 million (GBP8.3 million). Representatives for Foxx could not be reached as WENN went to press.