Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx resorted to selling his luxury Bentley on eBay, because he couldn't find a car dealer who would get him a good price.

The RAY star was trying to get rid of his car and was unhappy with the prices the he was being offered by dealers, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Foxx explains, "The dude was disrespecting me at the car dealership. I have a big yellow 1996 Bentley. And it is big and yellow and old, but the dude was like, `Get that car outta here. I can't sell that car I'll give you like $25,000.'"

The actor felt the car was worth more money and decided to list it on online auction site eBAY.

He adds, "So I put it on eBay - and, bam, (it sold for) $150,000 (GBP83,333)."