Jamie Foxx is elated he has managed to lure veteran actor Sidney Poitier out of retirement to appear in the video for his new song EXTRAVAGANZA.

The video for the track, which features Kanye West, follows Foxx partying to a point where he ends up having a one-night stand after one drink too many.

He tells MTV News, "The night of the Oscars or the night of Kanye's Grammys, what I did was party with the Vanity Fairs and the MEG RYANs and what have you.

"The minute we got a chance to take them tuxes off, we jumped in our sweats and got to the real party where cats was taking my Oscar and taking pictures with it. It was fun. (The video) mirrors that.

"Sidney Poitier is guesting in there. Sidney cancelled everything. He was like, 'I'm not doing nothing for anybody. I'm in retirement.'

"I called him humbly like, 'Will you be in this video?' He said, 'I'll do anything for you.' We're trying to do everything not groundbreaking, but just nifty enough to where you go, 'Oh.' But we're not trying to do this big thing."