Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has hailed rap mogul Sean Combs and actor Denzel Washington as the perfect candidates for the first black James Bond. While Daniel Craig has recently taken over 007 from Irish heart-throb Pierce Brosnan, Foxx believes producers missed out on the chance to cast a different race in the coveted role. Foxx says, "Bond has got to come on up, man. They've got to get with the times. It needs oomph right now. "Diddy would have made a good Bond. "I tell you who would have made a great Bond about eight years ago: Denzel Washington. He was doing THE PELICAN BRIEF, PHILADELPHIA. I'm sitting in some awards show (I snuck in) and I write, 'Do you ever think about playing James Bond?' on a napkin, walked over and handed it to him. I don't know if he ever read it."