Jamie Foxx has laughed off reports his Miami Vice co-star Colin Farrell had checked into a rehabilitation clinic to control an addiction to prescription drugs, insisting he's staying with him at his Hollywood home.

Earlier this month (13DEC05), Farrell's publicist DANCIA SMITH said the 29-year-old star was being treated for exhaustion and dependency on prescription medication.

But Foxx, 38, insists relaxation with friends was the only treatment Farrell ever needed.

He says, "Colin Farrell is great. Don't believe all of the hype."

"He is at my crib kicking it. That's where he was anyway. All the rehab stuff is (false).

"They have done so much to this guy. I just really want to protect people like that. But sometimes they are after him because he is such a nice guy, he is so fun loving and loves the world."