Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx was so impressed with Whitney Houston's karaoke version of her hit I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU at a recent party, he's placed home video footage of the performance in a safety deposit box.

The RAY star was thrilled when Houston and husband BOBBY BROWN showed up at a party he hosted at Hollywood restaurant Miyagi's and was stunned when the soul diva stepped up on stage.

He recalls, "I go to the bathroom and as I'm going in the bathroom I hear somebody go, 'You know I don't do this for everybody. I get paid a million dollars to sing this song,' and Whitney goes on stage and sings I Will Always Love You better than she's ever sung it in the past 10 years.

"People literally held their cell phones up, called their parents, their friends. I have it on tape in a safe deposit box."

Foxx recalls Brown's performance was also a rarity - because the R+B star forgot the words to his own song.

He recalls, "Bobby's singing DON'T BE CRUEL... and he forgets the words and I said, 'It's alright Bobby, it's right up here, you get to read it on the top.'"