LATEST: Actor Jamie Foxx, who turns 38 on the same day former gang leader STANLEY 'TOOKIE' WILLIAMS is sentenced to die by lethal injection, has issued another plea for clemency - saying Williams' spared life would be his ultimate birthday gift.

The RAY star is teaming up with rapper Snoop Dogg to stage a 'day of action' to beg California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to spare Williams' life on 13 December (05).

The pair will take it in turns to enthrall Los Angeles school children with excerpts from convicted killer Williams' books - part of a state-wide series of events to highlight the prisoner's plight.

Williams, 51, who founded the notorious Crips gang, murdered four people in Los Angeles in 1979.

But supporters believe Williams' subsequent Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his work to prevent young people from forming gangs should exonerate him of previous offences.

In a written statement Foxx says: "The only birthday present I want from the governor is clemency for Stan 'Tookie' Williams."