Jamie Foxx missed out on the chance to star alongside pal Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire because he acted like a fool at his audition.

The RAY star, who later teamed up with Cruise in COLLATERAL, admits he made a mess of his chance to play Cuba Gooding JR's role - which won the actor an Oscar - in the hit sports film, because he was overawed by Cruise.

Foxx tells Playboy magazine, "I blew it, man. Maybe I wasn't ready. Tom was just too famous, and I was too young. I was a stand-up comedian, and I just f**ked it up.

"I was reading all loud and stuff, and Tom was very quiet. So I read my lines, and then he paused for a long time... So I said, 'Tom, it's your line.' And he looked at me and said, 'I know. I got it.'"

But Foxx insists the messed up audition wasn't all bad - Cruise remembered him.

He adds, "The one good thing about meeting Tom was that I told great jokes that day when we had downtime.

"I had everybody laughing and stuff, and he remembered me."