Comedian Jamie Foxx is basing his romantic life on the advice of director Oliver Stone, by remaining a bachelor to keep his love-life interesting.

The 36-year-old screen star, currently dating actress Leila Arcieri, admits he's making the most of life as an unmarried man - and he's unsure if he ever wants to take the plunge.

He says, "(Oliver) said that when he was young, he always thought that the most beautiful woman was just around the corner. That corner is just so long, you know?

"I love life on the corner. It keeps me moving. I sometimes think that when people get married, they stop moving.

"Not to dog marriage, but sometimes I see a funny comedian get married, or a great athlete, and then... bmmmm. Because it seems we need that stuff. As a bachelor, you're still pounding your chest a little bit."

27/10/2004 02:44