Jamie Foxx learned to trust white guys after years of racial abuse - thanks to directors Michael Mann and Taylor Hackford.

The funnyman grew up being called a 'n**ger' by high-powered white men in his native Texas and learned never to trust the race, but Hackford and Mann made him feel that he could actually "hang out" with white men.

Foxx admits working with Hackford on the Ray Charles biopic RAY made the pair great friends and he respects Mann, the director of COLLATERAL, for fighting to get the actor on the poster for the film.

He says, "(Taylor) was the first white man I've ever hung out with and I'm 36-years-old.

"Same way with Tom Cruise. I wasn't supposed to be on the posters but Tom Cruise and Michael Mann was like, 'No, put the kid on the poster.'"

21/10/2004 08:58