Oscar winner Jamie Foxx is to join Snoop Dogg on his upcoming tribute to condemned former gang leader STANLEY 'TOOKIE' WILLIAMS.

The rapper has recorded a new track, REAL SOON, as an anthem for those fighting to save Williams from death by lethal injection next week (13DEC05), and Foxx will sing on the record.

Foxx played the convict, who became a Nobel Literature Prize nominee and community activist from behind bars, in the film REDEMPTION.

Snoop Dogg recently took part in a rally outside California's San Quentin Prison, where Williams is awaiting a death sentence, and urged California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant the former Crips leader clemency.

Spurred on by support for Williams, who faces execution for murdering four people in 1981, Schwarzenegger has agreed to meet with the reformed gang leader's defence team.

Foxx has asked Schwarzenegger to grant Williams clemency as a birthday gift to himself - his birthday falls on the same day as his jailed friend's execution, which also coincides with the release of Snoop's new album, SNOOP DOGG PRESENTS: WELCOME TO THA CHUUCH, THA ALBUM.

Williams' supporters argue the Nobel Prize nominee has reformed and his books that warn young people about the pitfalls of joining a gang prove he is a man who still has value to the community.