Jamie Foxx is particularly thrilled he and Morgan Freeman won both male acting OSCARS on Sunday (27FEB05), because their double triumph will inspire black children to dream big.

Foxx won the Best Actor statuette for his mesmeric performance of late singer Ray Charles in RAY, while Freeman was honoured with the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in Million Dollar Baby.

And while Halle Berry and Denzel Washington made Foxx realise his Hollywood ambitions could come true after they scooped Oscars in 2002, he hopes his own Academy Awards victory will help the next generation of African-Americans on their path to stardom.

The 37-year-old says, "There's significance about our win for young kids out there, our community. There are so many negative things that black people are enforced by - think about music, which has so many negatives - why not have something positive with blackness?

"When I was watching Halle and Denzel win it inspired me to say, 'Hey I can do my thing too.' We just want to be included into the pot and make everything artistically better."

03/03/2005 02:36