COLLATERAL star Jamie Foxx has given up chasing younger women because he's no longer interested in clubbing all night and raising hell.

The 36-year-old funnyman admits he's settled with girlfriend LEILA ARCIERI, 31, after years of dating much younger women because she's smart and can hold a good conversation.

He says, "Young women... it's not that I can't deal with the, it's just that they'll say stuff like, 'Who do you think would win if Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey had a fight?' And they would ponder that.

"What's cool about Leila is she likes to talk a lot of trash. She's funny. I like funny women and she's not dumb.

"I go to lounges now. I don't want no music, I just wanna talk, I love to hear people talk. I love to hear stories. Leila can put those stories together."

But the father-of-one is not planning to rush down the aisle with the pretty DADDY DAY CARE star anytime soon.

He adds, "I've just been weighing the statistics. My friends get married one year, they throw the big wedding... Two, three years later it's over. I don't know if it's natural."

21/10/2004 21:07