Oscar winner-turned-R+B hunk Jamie Foxx has turned his attention to casting in an effort to land former foe LL Cool J a leading role in new comic book adaptation PANTHER. The two pals were once sworn enemies after clashing on the set of American football drama Any Given Sunday, but after a couple of live and studio collaborations this year (06), Foxx has chosen to become the rap icon's "hype man." The RAY star reveals he patched up his differences with LL Cool J in a secret meeting after he won a Best Actor Oscar in 2005. He tells MTV News, "I was in Miami... He had done his thing, got himself together, was selling records. "We looked at each other like, 'Why we wasting all this time? Let's get together and do some music, do some movies.' "When you're grown, you don't really have time for all that (fighting). When you're young, it's cool to have your emotions on your chest. But we're grown now." Foxx now thinks LL Cool J is the only star who can play the Panther on the big screen. "I said, 'My man, you the only cat that can really pull this off. There's this black superhero called Panther.' So we started talking about that, did a couple of records together. "We're trying to get this Panther production set up, because I think he'll smash that."