RAY star Jamie Foxx was once forced to endure a tirade of racial abuse as he entertained at a family party.

The Oscar-winning actor, who worked as a church choir director during his teenage years in Texas, often played piano at parties for extra money, but was appalled at the racist attitudes of his clients.

He says, "One Christmas, my friend Chris Barron drove me way out in the country to play for a party. I was 16. This rich guy opened the door. 'Why are there two of you here?' he asked. I said, 'My friend drove me here. Is there a problem?' He said, 'Yeah, I can't have two n**gers in my house at the same time.'

"I was so used to hearing that word. I went inside alone. The man gave me this nice jacket with leather patches to wear. It's Christmas, and as I play I hear them telling these black jokes off to the side. I'll never forget it.

"At the end of the night, I went to give him his jacket back. He didn't want it. 'I can't wear that no more,' he said. 'Not after you had it on.'

"Let's call it what it was: racism. I didn't understand his disrespect or why he hated. I still don't. Maybe he was taught wrong. Or it's genetic. Or it's the residue of slavery."