Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx is disturbed by his 11-year-old daughter CORRINE's fast development - because he fears her curves are already attracting the attention of the opposite sex.

The RAY star has come to the realisation that his only child is growing up way too fast, after she recently visited him in Miami, Florida, where he's filming Miami Vice with Colin Farrell.

He says, "She's only 11, but she's 5 foot 6, size 9 shoe. She comes out and she says, 'Dad, I'm gonna put my bathing suit on.' I said, 'Go on. Go ahead.'

"I'm thinking she's gonna put on a Hefty bag, or something, and she comes out in a two-piece. I freak because she's developing. To get her to the beach was like we were at war 'cause I was putting my hands in people's eyes, like, 'Don't look! Go that way! Get in the water before they see you!'

"I have some pictures on my desk at my hotel of her. She was in Italy running on the beach in a two-piece and one of my friends walked in and said, 'Who's the babe?' I said, 'That's my daughter, man!'

"I wish she'd just gear down."

01/08/2005 02:52