Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx was left devastated after agreeing to help relief workers serve meals to hurricane victims in his home state Texas.

The RAY star teamed up with pal Oprah Winfrey as she tried to spread a little cheer amongst those left homeless and desperate in shelters in Texas by Hurricane Katrina, but Foxx had no idea how moved he'd be.

He says, "Some of the stories that touched me I don't even know if you can air.

"The one that really got me was the 62-year-old man and what he said is, 'I have a stint put in for a heart problem but I can handle it,' but he said what he couldn't take was the blatant disregard for someone like your grandmother - 80 years old sitting and no one coming to help.

"It should never happen. These people are Americans... It has just been so sad that we would treat our folk like this. (This is) a day I won't forget soon."