Jamie Foxx gave late night audiences a laugh on Monday (05Oct09) with a new kid-friendly version of his hit song BLAME IT - after angry parents berated him for encouraging young children to drink.
The song's hook, "Blame it on the alcohol", has become a popular phrase among kids who sing the catchy tune in between class, according to Foxx - who has been approached by parents of his teenage daughter's classmates.
Foxx debuted his child-friendly alternative on The Jay Leno Show, taking the stage as the TV audience roared with laughter.
He sang: "Blame it on the juice/'Cause you're only two/Blame it on the juice/Whatcha gonna do/Blame it on the apple juice."
But the comedian insists the issue is no laughing matter.
He explained to Leno, "I got a lot of flack for that because the kids started singing the song. I would go to my daughter's school and (the) parents go, 'How dare you have my child bringing flasks of Hennessy to the school?' They were upset with me. So my manager's daughter came up with the idea to change the song a little bit so the kids would have something to sing."