Oscar winner Jamie Foxx is calling for today's rap superstars to stop fighting after incidents over the weekend (27-28AUG05) marred the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) in Miami, Florida.

The RAY star, who performed at the awards with Kanye West, admits he was distressed by rap mogul Suge Knight's shooting on Saturday night (27AUG05) and then again at the VMAs when Fat Joe and 50 CENT's war of words went public.

After Fat Joe poked fun at 50's entourage live on stage, the IN DA CLUB rapper retaliated by ending his performance with a obscenities-laced rant at Joe.

Foxx believes the feuding rappers ruined the evening. Now he fears another Tupac Shakur/Notorious BIG war, which left both rappers dead.

He says, "I love all of those guys, man... (but) if TUPAC and BIGGIE taught you anything, let it go, man. I've been in the game for 20 years. I've seen them come and go. You don't want anything tragic to happen."