Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has lashed out at director Michael Mann for his brutal filming tactics during the making of Miami Vice, accusing him of forcing the cast to film during hurricanes.

The Miami Vice remake was plagued by problems, including a drawn-out shooting schedule, bad weather and a budget blow-out from $120 million (GBP67 million) to $200 million (GBP111 million).

The RAY star says, "What was so hard about this movie was Michael Mann. We shot this movie for 10 months - it was supposed to be three months."

The COLLATERAL director, who has a reputation for being a perfectionist, even insisted on rolling the cameras when hurricanes were battering the Florida coast last summer (05).

Foxx adds, "We were in Miami when the hurricanes hit and he still wanted to shoot. It was a long shoot, but I think people are going to enjoy it."