Jamie Foxx is well on his way to his first OSCAR after beating out JOHNNY

DEPP for Movie Actor of The Year in American magazine ENTERTAINMENT

WEEKLY's 2004 Reader's Poll.

Foxx, who has won many critics' top picks for his performance as RAY

CHARLES in RAY, is a favourite to claim the Best Actor prizes at both the

Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards.

Uma Thurman beat Kate Winslet to the Movie Actress of The Year prize in

the annual poll, while Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was named the

Movie of The Year.

Prince was hailed the Musician of The Year and Brian Wilson's SMILE was

named Album of The Year.

Meanwhile, Usher, Michael Moore, Foxx, Winslet and Clive Owen were named

among the magazine's Entertainers of The Year; Angelina Jolie was the pick

for Best Look of The Year; SIDEWAYS was hailed Best Movie, and

Dangermouse's controversial The Grey Album beat Joseph Arthur's OUR

SHADOWS WILL REMAIN and RUBBER FACTOR by THE Black Keys to the top of the

Album list.

28/12/2004 01:18