The Internet is killing Jamie Foxx's stand-up comedy career - because every time he pokes fun at a fellow celebrity, it appears online.
The funnyman-turned-R&B singer admits he's constantly having to send "gift baskets" to stars after comments he makes about them during comedy routines in clubs are written as straight remarks on blogs, tweets and websites.
He says, "I've read things about me on the Internet and I'm like, 'What?' Now all of a sudden a certain amount of people believe that's what you are.
"If I'm in this club doing jokes designed for the club and somebody tweets it and it says, 'He says that so and so is an a**hole,' the people that are reading that aren't in the club, so it's a tough thing to protect your art and still be out there."
Foxx has started using his weekly satellite radio show, Foxxhole on Sirius, as a place where he can explain jokes that become remarks online: "We have to explain a joke or send a gift basket. It gets to the point where you just want to kick everybody in the balls with some steel-toed boots and say, 'It's comedy!' Is it getting to the point where I have to apologise for jokes."
The Ray star recently got into trouble with the Cyrus family after suggesting 16-year-old pop star Miley should "make a sex tape... do some heroin... and become a lesbian" as part of a joke on his radio show. Foxx has since apologised for the crude joke.