Jamie Dornan's father says the ''best'' thing about his son becoming famous is that people can now spell his surname.

The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' star's father Jim joked that his son's international fame has meant he has been able to stop having to spell the family moniker to people he meets.

He said: ''The best part of the whole thing is the world now knows how to spell Dornan, I spent 40 years spelling it correctly to people.''

Jim also revealed he is pleased with how the erotic film - which also stars Dakota Johnson - turned out and believes director Sam Taylor Johnson did ''very well'' with the script.

He added: ''I thought the director did very well. You can only work with the materials you're given, which is a great line.

''I know it's a weird thing to say about your son but he's one of the nicest people I know. He a good guy.''

And it's not only with fans where the 32-year-old actor is revered as Jim says his son is incredibly ''influential'' within the family.

He added to RTE Radio 1: ''He is quite influential in the family and always was.

''He's solid, a very grounded boy. A good lad ... He's sisters are very proud of him - we all are. He's held himself well.''