Jamie Dornan will ''never get over'' his mother's death.

The 36-year-old actor's mother died of pancreatic cancer when he was just 16, and Jamie has admitted that he will never fully recover from the ''horrific'' experience.

Jamie - who has daughters Dulcie, four, and Elva, two - explained: ''[It was] horrific - I often say this but you don't really know what the effects are of losing someone, particularly when you're so young.

''They are daily and continue to have an effect - you feel that they are manifesting over time in a way you didn't expect them to.

''You never get over it and now that I have kids myself I see they don't have a grandmother from my side - that's an odd thing.''

The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' actor has become a patron of a new group designed to combat the disease.

He told the BBC: ''I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer 20 years ago last week. I've always wanted to be associated to a charity that means something to me in a major way.

''It all seemed very fitting I could do whatever I can to promote awareness of this horrendous disease.''

Meanwhile, Jamie previously said that his mother's death will always have an ''evolving'' impact on him.

The Hollywood star admitted he feels like a ''section'' of his youth is missing.

He shared: ''I think having two kids has an impact on that. So I think the impact it had on me is forever evolving and now watching my wife be a mother and both my sisters being mothers, and seeing the role a mother plays in young lives and then realising that, you know, I didn't have that for a section of my youth.''