The 34-year-old actor is doing the rounds promoting his new movie Fifty Shades Darker, and headed to talk show Conan on Wednesday. As he spoke about the film, host Conan O'Brien asked Jamie to explain a scene in which his character Christian Grey exercises by doing an impressive move on the pommel horse - a piece of gymnastic equipment.

"They (Fifty Shades bosses) wanted to have a scene of him working out, but thought if he was just lifting weights it would be boring. So I happened to say, ‘Oh, I’ve got this one party trick that I can do but I need a sort of pommel horse.' So that’s what they arranged for me," he laughed.

"But I was like, ‘You’ve got one take to get this,’ because it’s so hard to do, and I don’t really know why I can do it. But we did it - I was like, ‘Just make sure everything is focused, and there’s enough film in the camera and we’re going to do it once and then I’m going to need a rest in my trailer.'"

Conan then asked Jamie if he could potentially recreate the move there and then, to which the actor obliged, much to the delight of the screaming audience.

Heading over to the edge of Conan's wooden desk, Jamie took off his black jacket before placing his hands on the edge of the desk and using them to lift up his entire body to a 45 degree angle.

As soon as he finished, he clutched his chest in pain, before heading back over to his seat.

Asked by Conan if he was OK, Jamie replied: "I am honestly not... I genuinely just pulled my pec. That’s not good. Did it look good?"

Assured by Conan that the move looked more than impressive, the host then promised Jamie: "We’ll get you medical attention right afterwards."