The actor, who was born and brought up in Belfast, Northern Ireland insists he's not fazed by life in the spotlight at all, and he thinks his roots are what keep him grounded.

"The fame aspect that comes with being a working actor does not intrigue me in the slightest," he tells Ireland's Late Late Show. "I think something like being Irish helps, and my friends. There's just no allowance for it... In your life, no matter what happens or how much notoriety you gain through your work, the fundamentals of your life don’t change. I hope not.

"Your wife, your kids, your family and your friends, all that stuff, the stuff that makes you, doesn’t change. On nights like this when you go to a premiere and it all seems crazy, it’s all very heightened but every day is totally normal. It’s just a job, you go to work and do your job and then that’s it."

And the movie star, who is currently promoting his new film Anthropoid, tells Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy that none of his friends have seen his break-out role in Fifty Shades of Grey - and he wouldn’t want them to.

"I’m just thinking about some of my mates here and I would never want to go to see them in that movie," he smiles. "Why would they want to see me like that? None of them have seen it. I think a couple came to the premiere in London actually but with wives and girlfriends."

Jamie landed the role of enigmatic Christian Grey after Brit Charlie Hunnam exited the movie and he will return as Grey next year (17) in the Fifty Shades sequel.