Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner have welcomed their third child.

The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' star's wife Amelia made the announcement about their new arrival to mark Mother's Day in the UK on Sunday (31.03.19).

Sharing a picture of three sets of shoes, confirming she has given birth to her third child, she captioned it: ''So proud of these three glorious girls, it's an honour being their mummy ... feeling incredibly lucky today #happymothersday (sic)''

Meanwhile, Jamie - who has Dulcie, five, and Elva, three, with Amelia - previously said his role as a husband and father is ''all encompassing''.

He said: ''When I'm at home all I am is a husband and father and that is all encompassing. It's the role I take most seriously in life ... It's been a big adjustment and it's definitely harder and you get less time to yourself, but human beings are very good at adaptation. You have to just go with it and accept less sleep and accept less time in your hands and accept less reading of books and washing and all the usual things you do in a day.''

And Jamies feels ''a healthy and lovely duty'' to provide for his children.

He said: ''I feel a healthy and lovely duty to provide for my kids, and I really like it. It suits me. Making my kids happy is a good thing for my wife and me to be driven by ... We get frustrated at times, usually when travelling with the kids, but we'd never let anything boil and become a thing. We know couples who are plate-throwers, but that's just not us. I'm glad it's not us - plates are expensive ... Certainly there's never a day that I don't tell her I love her.''