British jazz star Jamie Cullum wants to build on the massive success of his debut album TWENTYSOMETHING with follow-up record CATCHING TALES - but he refuses to compromise his unique sound.

The 26-year-old singer - who started writing his second album in January (05) - hopes the new tracks will simultaneously be popular with true jazz fans and earn him chart success.

He says, "I have absolutely no desire to get rid of this mainstream appeal I've managed to attain. But I was determined not to make a record just because it would sell or because it would please people.

"I hope this is an indication that I wasn't just part of a new jazz fad. In many ways that was great - it made me sell loads of records.

"I would never be one of those people who say, 'Yes, but that wasn't really me'. But I didn't ask to be part of that scene, and then there's a backlash like we had it planned all along."

Catching Tales hits shops on 26 September (05).