Jamie Chung wants her wedding guests to go on a hike.

The 'Hangover' star got engaged to Bryan Greenberg at the end of last year, and is already considering ways she can incorporate her active lifestyle and passion for sport into her big day.

She said: ''We love working out. We love the outdoors. So we want to incorporate that - maybe make it a weekend and have all the guests go on a hike. Or there's a crazy obstacle course at this one location. We literally have to do something every day in terms of something physical.''

The brunette beauty - who started dating her beau in 2012 - has been eyeing up venues for the nuptials and, although she's yet to finalise a location, she's keen to tie the knot in a woodland.

She explained to People magazine: ''We want to do it somewhere in the woods. We're looking at some locations in California - we just don't know where it's going to be yet. It's going to be a fun wedding.''

Meanwhile, Jamie, 30, and Bryan, 35, are yet to set a date for their wedding, but have their hearts set on becoming husband and wife next year and are already considering preparations in order to reduce the stress load nearer the time.

When asked if she's set a date for the nuptials, she said: ''Oh, I don't know ... maybe fall 2015.

''I think it really is stress-induced in terms of planning a wedding, but we've kind of initiated the conversation. I think the sooner you start, the less stressed out you're going to be.''