Jamie Bell has spoken about being compared to Woody Allen.
JAMIE BELL, the 24-year-old British actor best known for playing a young ballet dancer in 'Billy Elliot', has spoken about being compared to WOODY ALLEN, reports Collider.The actor has recently been photographed sporting 'geeky black-rimmed glasses' in the style of the iconic film director but Bell says he isn't sure whether to take the comparison as a compliment, saying, "Before I had glasses a friend of mine said that I looked like Woody Allen, a young Woody Allen, I couldn't tell if that was a compliment. I wasn't too sure what that was, anyway I think I kind of ended up getting glasses that only enhanced the fact that I might look like a young Woody Allen - which is weird". When asked about the inspiration behind his new frames, the actor said, "These glasses? Actually you know what, I went into a glasses shop and...first frame I put on. That simple". Bell is currently promoting his new movie 'The Eagle', which tells the story of a Roman soldier on a quest to honour the memory of his father and also stars Channing Tatum. Speaking about his growing career in Hollywood, the young actor said, "It's been a little hectic just now, yes. Which is a great thing of course, you know being busy is always good".
Bell recently finished filming Steven Spielberg's forthcoming movie 'The Adventures of Tintin', which also stars Daniel Craig as is scheduled for release on 28th December 2011.