Jamie Bell feels ''bitterly disappointed'' about the 'Fantastic Four' movie.

The 31-year-old actor played the Thing in the much-maligned superhero film in 2015, and despite the passing of time, Jamie still harbours regrets about the movie.

He explained: ''There were several things on that movie I was clearly not privy to because I'm just an actor and I just do my stuff on set.

''But with something like that, everything starts with the best of intentions. A production begins with the idea to make something that's unique and original and with integrity. I think the film really strived towards those goals.''

But Jamie admitted he still can't explain why the movie failed to match the expectations of fans.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, he said: ''I don't know what happened between the launch of the voyage and the arrival.

''I think we were all bitterly disappointed with that film. But that's just the way it goes sometimes.''

Jamie has played a variety of roles during his career, starring in movies such as 'Billy Elliot' and 'The Adventures of Tintin'.

And the British star thinks he's reached a stage in his professional life whereby he can enjoy some degree of freedom.

He shared: ''My career is like a pinball machine. There's really very little that is consistent about it. There are some very bizarre contrasts.

''But I like that I'm in a position now where I don't have to play a certain kind of role.''