Jamie Bell feels ''enriched'' by fatherhood.

The 'Jumper' actor is a very hands-on dad to his eight-month-old son with his wife Evan Rachel Wood and feels ''empowered'' by being involved in every aspect of their young son's life.

He explained: ''It's different for my generation from the way it was in my parents' day. It's not even that the father is expected to do so much more; it's just assumed that he will.

''So it's 50/50 between Evan and me for how we take care of our baby, which is how it should be. And for me, it's great to be so tactile and loving with my son, to change his diapers and feed him and do all that stuff which my friends' fathers didn't very much do. It makes me feel good to be involved in the process and I feel both enriched and empowered by it.''

The couple welcomed their son, whose name they have chosen not to make public, in July 2013 and the 28-year-old actor claims becoming a father has given him a bigger purpose in life and made him feel like a proper adult.

Jamie told HELLO! magazine: ''It's amazing. When you become a parent everything changes. For such a long time, I thought of myself as a teenager gallivanting around the world taking jobs where I felt like it, but life is totally different now.''