Jamie Bell and CONNIE NIELSON have bolstered the cast of Nymphomaniac, the controversial sex-drama by Lars Von Trier, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Filming starts in Germany today.

Bell is famous for his more jovial roles in Billy Elliot and The Adventures of Tin Tin, and his casting in Von Trier's controversial feature represents a more mature move for the 26-year-old. Nielson, however, will be more attuned to the weird and controversial, having starred in films like One Hour Photo. She is perhaps best known for her roles in Gladiator and The Devils Advocate, though. The pair join an already established cast, as well as other new additions; Nicolas Bro, Jesper Christensen, Jens Albinus, Shanti Roney and SEVERIN VON HOENSBROECH. Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe also have been rumoured to star, but producers are yet to confirm this.

The film is embroiled in controversy and hysteria already, as is usually the case with a Von Trier flick (see the Danish directors antics at his last Cannes Film Fetival). SHIA LABOUF recently confirmed the inclusion of real sex scenes in the film, which shocked audiences and the film press alike, not to mention his girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, who was less than happy with the news. LaBouf acts opposite Charlotte Gainsbourg, a regular for Von Trier, having appeared in his most prominent films, Melancholia and Antichrist. Gainsbourg will star as a Joe, a self-diagnosed sex addict, who finds herself beaten up in an ally. Von Trier will shoot Nymphomaniac as a two-part feature and plans to release the films in both hard-core and soft-core versions in 2013.