British actor Jamie Bell regrets the impact his Hollywood success has had on his chances of romance - because his love life is non-existent. The Billy Elliot star split from his girlfriend of two years, actress Evan Rachel Wood, in the summer of 2007, after the pressures of work forced them apart. And the 21-year-old admits he has been struggling to balance his personal life with the demands of his career ever since. He says, "It has been impossible. I am not happy about it but that is one of the sacrifices you have to make. "I would have been happy to continue with Evan but I have to be realistic. I have been working and travelling all over the place, and we both realised that we would never see each other. That has not been easy. "I hear a lot of that from other actors who are moving around all the time. It is hard to start a relationship - and even more difficult to keep it." Wood, 20, has since found love with shock rocker Marilyn Manson.