James singer Tim Booth has wrecked fans' dreams of a sequel to his acclaimed 1996 album collaboration with composer Angelo Badalamenti by insisting Booth & The Bad Angel was a wonderful one-off.

The Sit Down singer was recently reminded of the time he spent songwriting and recording with the man behind the haunting Twin Peak theme when Badalamenti sent him a forgotten outtake from their sessions together.

Booth says, "Angelo just sent me a song he found recently on a piece of tape, and he didn't tell me what it was and I started listening to it, thinking, 'F**k, he's written a song with a singer that sounds just like me - and he didn't ask me to sing?'

"Halfway through I realised that it was me... and it was like, 'Oh, Ok, I'm not so upset'. It was cool.

"I have great memories of recording Booth & the Bad Angel and I'd love to work with him again because I adore the man. We didn't have a bad word to say to each other, but I think that album was a one-off - and I'm not complaining.

"Many people have tried to work with Angelo, including Leonard Cohen and Bono and (David) Bowie. I think I was very blessed to work with him on one album. And we were lucky enough to work with (guitarist) Bernard Butler and the engineer was Nigel Godrich. Two years later he did Ok Computer with Radiohead. We had a great team."