James have already started working on their next album.

The British indie band made a huge comeback in March with their 14th studio LP 'Girl at the End of the World' - their first album since 2014's 'La Petite Mort' - and now bass player Jim Glennie has revealed they've spent four days in the studio getting ''the ball rolling'' for album number 15.

Glennie, 52, exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''We've started writing it [the album] we've been in the studio for four days last week and we're getting the ball rolling. We've just banged loads and loads of ideas down, but we've not even had time to go through them yet. It's still early days we don't want there to be big gaps in the record really.''

Asked when fans can expect the record, he said: ''We want to get the next record out relatively quickly and there not to be a gap.''

And on what it's likely to sound like, he added: ''It's early days to know what the feel is going to be. We just see what appears and we're like 'ah yeah okay this is what it's gonna be.'''

Glennie - who is joined by Tim Booth, Larry Gott, David Baynton-Power, Saul Davies, Mark Hunter and Andy Diagram in the group - can't believe the success they've had since they made their big comeback and feels they as successful as they've ever been before.

He said: ''It's mad, this is probably the most success we've had since the early 90s which is mental really absolutely mad it just seems a bit daft really. But we're enjoying it.

I don't really understand it I think we're obviously being played on the radio again, which is helping a chunk.''

It's a surprise the Manchester group are so keen to get into the studio again as frontman Tim admitted the last album was their most ''difficult'' and ''stressful''.

At the time, he said:''Bands talk about that difficult second album but it's the trickster 14th one that's the real mother f***er.''

James headline OnRoundhay Festival on Saturday 17 September