'Jingle Bells' has been given a new dance music twist by musician James Yuill.

The electro-folk musician has updated the festive song to become a dance track with the main melody played on pint glasses, filled with different levels of Guinness beer.

On making the track, he said: "Being a big fan of Guinness, it was really cool to be invited to remix such a Christmas classic and I had lots of fun in the process."

In a video clip for the song, James is seen starting his rendition in a sleepy pub, rousing the assembled crowd to get involved as he taps the tune of the glasses until they are all joining in.

Guinness are also hoping the public will also get involved and recreate their own versions of festive tunes and upload them to their site, with promotional kits which are being issued from their website.

To see James' video or find out how to get your own conductors' baton, please visit http://www.youtube.com/guinnessgb