Actor James Woods was so annoyed with Oliver Stone's tough filmmaking techniques on the set of SALVADOR he quit and tried to hitchhike to Mexico City, 300 miles away. But the director made his quest as difficult as possible by telling locals Woods was a mass murderer with a loaded gun and should not be picked up. Woods tells Blender magazine, "I'm out there and nobody's picking me up. I'm belligerent, wandering around the desert. "Finally (co-star) John Savage flew out in a helicopter and brought me back." But Woods and Stone failed to resolve their differences. The actor adds, "We did another scene at the Guatemalan border where a guy puts a gun to my head and pulls the trigger. I'll never forget kneeling there. "My hands are behind my back. The guy puts the gun to my head and I hear him say, 'Esta un blanca,' and I go, 'F**king blanca? That's a blank. What, woah, wait, hold on.' "Oliver tells me to shut up. So I grabbed the gun, raised it in the air, pulled the trigger, and the blank went off. I was four seconds from being killed."